Are literary writers given enough time?

It’s an old saw but worth revisiting as literary sensibilities cross genres.


Hoffman’s point about literary writers not being given enough time to develop themselves and find an audience feels about right, it seems like if you haven’t “made it” and conjured a decent audience within 1 or 2 books you quickly fall down the ranks so to speak – there are examples of literary writers whose first books were on big name publishers, who for whatever reason didn’t develop a audience, and who are now publishing with smaller presses (obviously there could be a number of reasons why their apparent “failure” occurred it might not simply be that they weren’t “given enough time” but it’s an interesting aspect to consider in a culture increasingly obsessed with instantaneous “results”).

One caveat to this whole debate is the fact that it’s hard to get an idea of how this worked back in the day – how many literary writers didn’t make it after…

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